Do’s and Don’t in Morocco

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An overview to avoid cultural misunderstandings and to stimulate comfortable ambiences


  • Do be careful when someone you don’t know approached you about something without making any invitation tothem.
  • Do visit the historical landmarks of Morocco and enjoy the information you are about to discover.
  • Do wear a decent clothing when you are here.
  • Do learn to educate yourself with little Arabicwords.
  • Do avoid any large gathering. Keep your profile low and remain proactive for the duration of your stay.
  • Agree the taxi fare prior to entering the taxi about the destination. This should conserve you a lot of cash and avoid lengthy conversations or expeditions.
  • Barter when purchasing from the souk. It is anticipated and will save you money.
  • Utilize a little French, such as “Merci” or “Bonjour”, as it is commonly comprehended and usually perceived as you making an effort.


  • Don’t take pictures or videos of the dancers, monkeys and snakes when you don’t have a plan tooffer a penny.
  • Don’t accept direction coming from the strangers. Don’t carry a huge amount of cash when you are going out
  • Don’t wear too revealing clothes as it can offend the Muslim people in Morocco.
  • Don’t go to the Morocco at the time the Ramadan is celebrated if you don’t have a plan to offer a faithful fasting together with the local people. In case you go in Ramadan, we recommend to plan eating away from people who are fasting and from the public places.
  • Don’t panic. Whatever circumstance you may find yourself in, Moroccans are a handy and pleasant individuals.

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