The 6 Best Surf Spots in Morocco

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Morocco is an African country that enjoys a privileged position, being located on the northwest corner of the continent. From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, its coastline extends over 3,416 km and offers surfers hundreds of spots to indulge in their favorite board sport. There is something for all tastes and all levels. Here, for you, is our list of the best surf spots in Morocco. Surf spots in Morocco

1. Imsouane, perfect for beginners

Between ocean and desert, 70 km north of Agadir and 100 km south of Essaouira. On a magnificent white sand beach, take advantage of long, low-power straights to practice surfing in Morocco at best, if you are still a beginner. You will be able to get up easily on your board, without risking being roughed up by the waves of Imsouane. Launching is from the fishing port and exiting via the beach. The bottom is sand on a straight reef break, the best tides are mid tide and low tide. The best wind is north, northeast and the best swell is 2-4 m. The ideal time for surfing is from November to April. Surf spots in Morocco

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If you consider yourself an experienced enough surfer to face more powerful waves, you will just need to go to the beaches surrounding Imsouane Bay, such as that of the Cathedral, considered to be a quality beachbreak. The best wind is the one that comes from the east. Surf spots in Morocco

2. Safi, excellent tube spot – Surf spots in Morocco

2h20 from Marrakech, Safi is one of the best surf spots in the world according to Tom Carroll, star surfer of the 80s. We don’t go there first for the quality of the water (which can be quite dirty at times , due to the proximity to the port) but rather for the long tube of Rass Lafaa, powerful and fast. This famous wave only wakes up in large swells at low tide and remains surfed by the best surfers in the world. Be careful, she can be capricious and dangerous. Many of the boards there have broken. This spot is a straight point break reserved for experts during big winter swells, which reach 2-5 m in the best conditions.

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3. Charatane, the very beautiful wave of Mehdia

Head to the North of Morocco! Very close to Kenitra, the mythical wave of Charatane (Mehdia) takes its name from the wreck of a boat stranded at the mouth of Oued Sebou. It is one of the most beautiful lefts in the country (point break) which operates in large swells of more than 2 m. You only surf there at high tide (so as not to be disturbed by the wreck at low tide) with no wind or with south or east winds. Ideal for intermediates and experienced surfers, it is best to go there from September to February, although you can sometimes see big swells in the summer. Surf spots in Morocco

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4. Anchor Point Spot or Pointe des Ancres, treasure of Taghazout

It is one of the most beautiful straights in Morocco, recognized internationally and on the list of every self-respecting surfer. This is a straight point break for intermediate and experienced surfers. It can run over 200-300 m with a nice tube section at the start and lots of power. Bring a thick board that makes paddling easier and allows you to take waves and speed well. To launch, you will have to jump rocks and row very quickly out of the impact zone. Getting back up to the lineup requires a certain physical condition to counter the strong currents and avoid the surfers around you. On a rising tide, with an east wind and a swell of 1.5-3.5 m, this wave is best surfed between October and April.

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5. The terrible Dracula – Surf spots in Morocco

Still in Taghazout, this spot gets its awful name from the tooth-shaped rocks that hide below the waves. The water is also populated by sea urchins at this location. This is a right point break less frequented than the previous spot but with a swell of similar size. Also, Dracula’s wave is hollow, powerful and tubular. It is booked for the most seasoned as a result of its high risk. Getting into the water and getting out are particularly delicate. If after that you still have the courage to go there, take your tickets between May and October, the best period. Surf spots in Morocco

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6. Dakhla, the sports village – Surf spots in Morocco

In addition, on the border of the Moroccan Sahara is Dakhla, a real must for all surfers. Nestled on a peninsula of just 14 km between ocean waves and a tranquil lagoon, Dakhla offers visitors beaches and meeting points for surfing and kitesurfing. Foum Labouir and Pointe de l’Or are just some of the places to visit.

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Enjoy surfers!

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