Tbourida, Traditional Moroccan Sport

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If you travel to Morocco, you will undoubtedly be impressed by its magnificent landscapes and its incomparably rich culture. Let’s discover Tbourida, an equestrian art that dates back to the 15th century, representing a military assault by Arab and Berber warriors. It is also called Fantasia, this practice is often associated with some religious events and festivals.

Every year, competitions are held in which the tradition and practice are highly respected and fascinating. This is an impressive spectacle that would be a shame to miss if you are staying in the region.

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The Tbourida, derived from Baroud, means “powder game”, simulates a succession of military parades reconstituted according to ancestral Arab-Amazigh rituals. It consists of a group of around ten riders, called “Sorba”, always in odd numbers, wearing traditional costumes of their tribe. The horses’ equipment is also well decorated with beautiful hand embroidery, providing a beautiful and very photogenic ensemble.

During the performance, the Sorba is lined up, with the chief of the tribe, called the Mokaddem, in the middle. Under his command, the group charges approximately 200 meters until a precise moment when they fire in synchronization. This enormous Fantasia explosion is the apotheosis of the race. This show dazzles both Moroccan and international audiences because it brings both entertainment and a spiritual dimension, the horse being a sacred animal in Islam.

tbourida famous by eugene delacroix painter

The Tbourida was made famous by Eugène Delacroix, a famous French painter of the 19th century, who made numerous trips to North Africa and notably to Morocco in 1832 as part of a diplomatic mission. It was discovered at this time the art of Tbourida. He also made numerous paintings of it and made it popular under the name Fantasia.

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