Visit Marrakech in July – Your Complete Guide

visit marrakech in july

Summer in Marrakech is very sunny, but also very hot. The second-hottest month of the year is July. It’s also a prime time for vacationers looking to have fun under the North African sun. Visiting Marrakech in July is therefore very popular… Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

Book a flight to Marrakech in July

Tickets for the first week of July to the Red City can still be cheap. But from the start of the French school holidays, the price of flights to Marrakech can soar! Little tip from the Maroc Maker team: compare flights, and do it in private browsing. So, the price of the plane ticket will not increase overnight…for no reason!

Sleep in Marrakech in July

July is one of the hottest months of the year in Marrakech. Having a swimming pool in your riad, hotel or private villa is therefore ES-SEN-TIAL! If you are a group, we recommend booking a private villa. It won’t cost you more than booking multiple rooms. If you are a couple, then booking a room in a riad or hotel will be sufficient. Just keep in mind that your accommodation should be equipped with a swimming pool for your stay in Marrakech in July. A splash will never be refused under the overwhelming heat of the red city…

The weather in July in Marrakech

For heat lovers, July is the ideal time to c. It is one of the two hottest months of the year (August is even hotter), with temperatures averaging 29°C to 36°C most days. Evenings cool off a bit as the sun sets, averaging 18°C ​​to 22°C degrees. So be prepared for hot and very dry days. Indeed, there is little or no rain in summer in Morocco. It may be a good idea to select accommodation with air conditioning when choosing accommodation, as many places do not have air conditioning.

el badi palace marrakech morocco architecture

How to dress in Marrakech in July?

Dressing in Marrakech in July requires finding ways to stay cool while remaining reasonably covered. Here, with the summer tourist flow, you will surely feel comfortable in sleeveless shirts and shorts. Many other vacationers sport the same summer outfits they usually wear at home. But generally speaking, you’ll attract less unwanted attention if you keep your shoulders and knees covered. Loose-fitting clothing and breathable fabrics like cotton make it easier to stay cool, even when remaining reasonably covered. Long shorts, skirts and wide pants are a comfortable choice. The swimsuit is obviously to take in your bag!

If you are going for a walk in the mountains, make sure you have good walking shoes or comfortable sandals. We will still remember to put a light jacket in the suitcase. Indeed, even if the evenings remain warm in Marrakech in July, temperatures can be quite cool at night in the desert (and we strongly advise you to spend a night in the Agafay desert!).

Festivals and events near Marrakech in July

The Timitar Music Festival in Agadir

The Timitar Music Festival is one of the largest festivals in Morocco. Founded in 2004, this annual four-day event aims to unite people through music and celebrate Amazigh culture. Over 800,000 people attend this incredible event, so be sure to plan your trip early if you want to be one of the festival-goers!

timitar festival in agadir

The International Cultural Festival in Asilah

It’s a paradise for artists. This walled city honors tradition and the arts with exquisite paintings that are wonderfully created. During the International Cultural Festival, artists from around the world come together to transform the city’s public spaces with amazing works of art. If you love art, this incredible two-week event in July near Marrakech is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The International Cultural Festival in Asilah

The Throne Festival throughout Morocco

Throne Day is a Moroccan national holiday celebrated on July 30 each year. This holiday celebrates the anniversary of the accession to the throne of King Mohammed VI. There are public celebrations across the country on this special day. Although you may not find the atmosphere of a festival, be aware that many official offices (like banks) will be closed on this day.

The Throne Festival throughout Morocco

What to do in Marrakech in July

Enjoying the tourist sites while staying cool is imperative in summer in Marrakech. We advise you to favor sightseeing visits in the morning or early evening. But what to do in the afternoon? Take advantage of your accommodation with a swimming pool, or take a ticket for the Oasiria, the famous refreshing pools of Marrakech!

Remember that no matter where you go in Marrakech, most of the entertainment happens after sunset. In summer, Moroccan cities can be very quiet during the day. But once night falls, Marrakech wakes up to the delight of travelers! Musicians, shows, magnificent handmade objects, etc… Place Jemaa el Fna will be your headquarters in July in Marrakech!

Do you want to see the country? We invite you to choose an excursion to the Atlas Mountains or the Ouzoud Waterfalls during your summer stay in Marrakech. You will benefit from cooler temperatures, but close to European summer temperatures.

With heavy tourist traffic and the hot summer sun, visiting Marrakech in July can be a bit difficult. But with so many wonderful festivals to enjoy and places to explore, summer may be the perfect time to enjoy your dream Marrakech vacation!

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