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The Medina is the historic district of Marrakech, the almost thousand-year-old old Arab city which is opposed to the New City (Guéliz) built during the French protectorate.

The vast majority of monuments, most museums and a very large number of accommodations (in the form of riads) are located in the Medina.

It is the most touristy and charming part of Marrakech. You will spend the majority, if not all of your time there.

It’s more than marke­ts. This special spot, a UNESCO World Heritage Site­, showcases Morocco’s deep culture­. The stunning Koutoubia Mosque‘s minaret impacts the­ skyline. The grand Bahia Palace is anothe­r stunner. History is everywhe­re here and e­ach story is its own adventure. The archite­cture sends you back in time, and the­ tales are captivating.

Maps of Marrakech neighborhoods

The Medina of Marrakech (No. 1 on the map) is the old Arab city. To the south of the district are the Casbah (B), the old fortified district, and the Mellah (C), the old Jewish district of Marrakech.

To the west of the Medina, the Hivernage district (3) hosts luxury hotels, while to the northwest, the Guéliz district (2) is the new town of Western inspiration.

marrakech map neighborhoods
Map of the districts of Marrakech: 1. Medina or old town B. La Casbah, former fortified district C. Mellah, former Jewish quarter 2. Guéliz district, new town with European-style town planning 3. Hivernage, chic district with large hotels and luxury boutiques.

Uncover the Charm of Marrakech Medina’s Markets

Marrakech’s exciting Medina relaxes snug in the city’s core. It resembles a maze, loaded with busy markets, humming with life. Marrakech Medina‘s markets stand out for their unique allure. People from all corners of the globe come to take a look at their concealed gems.

Strolling down tjhe tight lanes, your detects will certainly be ignited by the vivid surroundings, diverse noises and smells that fill the environment. The neighborhood industries, usually called souks, expand an intriguing peek right into Marrakech’s deep-rooted customs and heritage.

Dive into a sea of colors full of different stalls supplying all kinds of things. Marrakech Medina markets have all of it for shoppers. You can find things from bright textiles to handmade ceramic. That’s not all; they additionally market great smelling seasonings and classic Moroccan leather products.

Main attractions of the Medina of Marrakech

1. Jemaa el Fna square. This is one of the most surprising places on the planet

During the day, nothing to report. In the evening, however, the square transforms into an open-air restaurant, a circus and a giant hypnotic concert. It’s popular, family-friendly and quite unique in its kind.

marrakech jamee lefna nuit

2. Medrasa Ben Youssef. Here is a superb old Koranic school that is both sober and crazy decoratively rich.

As mosques are closed to non-Muslims since the French protectorate, this is your chance to familiarize yourself with Moroccan religious architecture.

ben youssef madrassa marrakech morocco architecture

3. Bahia Palace. This is the palace of superlatives. This is the largest and most beautiful palace in Marrakech open to visitors. Glitzy and charming.

A little further south, the Royal Palace, the king’s residence in Marrakech, cannot be visited.

Bahia palace marrakech morocco architecture

4. Superb museums. Marrakech has become the true cultural capital of Morocco, surpassing Fez, beautiful but little invested in defending its title.

Museums are one of the cultural engines of the city. In the Medina, there are two very interesting places not to be missed: The Photography Museum and the Bert Flint Museum (under renovation). Photo and ethnology. History and crafts. Belief and decorative arts.

museum marrakech musée morocco architecture

5. Secret garden. If you like gardens, don’t hesitate for a second, it’s the most beautiful in Marrakech. Even more beautiful than Majorelle’s garden.

In addition, the history of the Secret Garden is fascinating. By what miracle did we go from a sumptuous palace to a pitiful ruin to a luxuriant palace again?

You can enjoy the calm of the place, the beauty of the plants, the scent of the flowers to drink a tea, a squeezed orange juice or a coffee.

Mojarelle Garden marrakech jardin morocco

6. Souk. The maze within the maze. The souk is the commercial center of the Medina.

A place of wonder at the genius of the artisans and a place of frustration also at the sometimes long and often repeated negotiation process. Some tips for negotiating your favorites as accurately as possible…

souk maroc moroccan souk artisanat crafts

7. El Badii Palace. Nothing better than an empty space to imagine the grandeur of a place. This is what we could say about the El Badii Palace and many ruins in general.

It is not an essential visit even if the garden, the numerous storks and the small collection of the museum are worth a visit if you are in the area.

el badi palace marrakech morocco architecture

8. Saadian Tombs. This is one of the most visited monuments in Marrakech and I do not particularly recommend it, unless you like single file tourism.

Saadian tombs marrakech architecture morocco

9. Mellah, the old Jewish quarter. Although Moroccan Jews left the Kingdom in the 1960s, there remain traces of their ancient presence of more than 2000 years.

A synagogue, a cemetery, houses open to the outside (unlike Arab housing) and a very pleasant market where you can buy dried plants in particular.

street marrakech ruelle morocco maroc

10. Marrakech Leather Tanning. This is one of the most desolate places in Marrakech. I do not recommend the visit.

tanning leather marrakech morocco maroc maker

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