Atlas Mountains -Explore the Highest Mountains in Morocco & North Africa!

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Prepare­d for a thrilling Moroccan quest? We’re off to conque­r the tallest peak the­re. The tour guide he­re gives you all you nee­d about Atlas Mountains for a truly stellar trip and memory-making moments.

The 3 degrees of the Atlas Mountains create a striking, occasionally harsh barrier between the arid Sahara and Morocco’s milder coastal climate. The middle of these degrees, the High Atlas Mountains, starts close to the Atlantic in Agadir and run in a jagged line northeast through the us of a, encompassing a number of the place’s maximum authentic wallet of way of life as well as imparting a number of its great opportunities for on foot.

The mountains’ wide russet slopes are dotted with scrubby pines and lacy cedars, and the peaks gleam with snow even within the warmer months. Dirt roads and slim footpaths snake thru the in any other case pristine panorama, and within the moist, inexperienced valleys you’ll wind past herds of goats, wild herbs and small, far flung villages.

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Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

A ninety-minute drive from Marrakech, the variety is simple to go to and you may favor to explore strolling or in a 4×4. If you select to hike, there are a whole lot of routes you can take, from moderate walks to hard multi-day treks.

One of the most rewarding hikes is up the slopes of Mount Toubkal, the best factor in North Africa. The three-day climb to its hovering summit (4,167 m or 13,671 feet) requires a terrific level of fitness but no technical understanding. And, on the wind-scoured pinnacle, you’re rewarded with seemingly endless vistas of crags and valleys retreating into the gap-hazed horizon.

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Visit conventional Amazigh villages

The Amazigh are the original inhabitants of those sizeable mountains and their civilisation reaches again extra than eight millennia. Their traditional flat-roofed homes, crafted from packed stone and earth, seem to have grown from the mountains themselves. They make a residing farming and herding livestock, the usage of age-antique techniques to live in the fertile valleys between the forbidding slopes.

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A Glimpse into the Unchanging Life of the Atlas Mountains

The present day international has little impact on the villages that hang to the rocky slopes. When you go to, you’ll see a way of existence that’s in large part unchanged over heaps of years. Because their lives are so carefully tied to the mountains, Amazigh are respectful of the land. This sustainable mind-set translates even to the inns which have sprung up inside the past few decades, ecolodges designed to restrict their footprint at the rugged, but sensitive, panorama.

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Hospitality and Cultural Immersion in the Atlas Mountains

This ancient lifestyle is understood for being mainly warm and welcoming to visitors, and you would possibly discover yourself welcomed into a domestic for a cup of steamy Moroccan mint tea (nicknamed le whiskey Berbere). You also can prefer to spend an afternoon with an Amazigh circle of relatives, getting to know to bake bread, prepare dinner food or create pottery from the red-brown clay.

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Best time to visit the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a year-spherical vacation spot. Between April and October is the nice time to embark on hikes, despite the fact that some might also find it too warm to effectively complete long-distance routes.

The temperature dramatically decreases in winter, and the peaks can get hold of downfalls of snow. This can make hiking conditions treacherous, however the surroundings looks mainly staggering.

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Trekking Tours In Atlas Mountains

One of the very best elements of the High Atlas region to visit from Marrakech, (within easy reach for weekender travelers and day visitors), imlil & Ourika Valley is considered one of Morocco’s most famous regions for outside activities. Surrounded via lush inexperienced fields, this valley is domestic to stunning waterfalls and some fantastic hiking trails. The village of achayn is a good base for similarly forays in addition to being the start of the Djebel Toubkal trek, which typically takes 3 days.

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