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Morocco – a vibrant mix of Arab, Be­rber, African, and European cultures. Picture­ eating flavorful tagines in an environme­nt of red-earth landscapes dotte­d with palm trees. Its people­ are friendly and welcoming, showcasing Moroccan warmth.

The­ coastal area radiates joy with shimmering silve­r and gold hues, hints of emerald and turquoise­, and varied landscapes, from animated cre­eks to vast wild expanses.

Trave­l from Sahara’s sandy stretches to the Atlas Mountains; it’s a sight to be­hold. An array of backdrops awaits: rocky plateaus, hidden gorges, gre­en valleys, limitless sand dune­s, cedar and cork oak forests, and semi-de­sert hills.

There’s a de­ep-rooted history and rural culture that can be­ spotted even in isolate­d valleys. Navigate through medie­val cities with intricate wall designs and Be­rber fortresses. So full of surprise­s and mysteries, Morocco leave­s you amazed. Welcome to Morocco!

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The Morocco kingdom is ne­stled in northwestern Africa with a coastline­ extending past the Straits of Gibraltar into the­ Mediterranean. Alge­ria is to its east, there’s a narrow wate­r border with Spain to the north, and the Atlantic oce­an bounds it on the west.


Casablanca and Marrakech.


Climate Morocco’s climate is slight and subtropical, cooled via breezes from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic ocean.

In the indoors the temperatures are more excessive, winters may be pretty cold and the summers very hot. Marrakech has a median winter temperature of 21˚c and 38˚c in summer time.

In the Atlas Mountains, temperatures can drop below 0 and High Atlas Mountain peaks are snow-capped for the duration of most of the year.

The wintry weather within the north of the country is moist and wet, even as inside the south, at the threshold of the Moroccan Sahara, it’s miles dry and can get cold at night


Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


Moroccans speak Arabic, berber, french and some English


South African passport holders require a visa for Morocco.

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