15 Things To Do for Free in Marrakech (Tours and Activities)

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Marrakech is a fairly affordable destination financially. However, the costs can add up quickly if you let yourself be carried away by the joy of the bustling red city! We offer you our selection of 15 things to do for free in Marrakech. All you have to do is pick out a few free activities and visits to do during your stay!

Some free activities may have a small associated cost, such as travel, meals and other refreshments.

1- Take a walk in a Marrakech garden

Many people are surprised to see how much greener Marrakech is than they imagined. Although it is a barren place, there are many trees and green spaces scattered throughout the city. While famous gardens like Majorelle Garden and Anima Garden (André Heller Garden) have entry fees, others offer 100% free access. One of our favorites is the Cyber ​​Garden (nickname given to Arsat Moulay Abdesalam Park).

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Easily accessible from Jemaa el Fna and the medina. It’s a perfect place if you want to relax, but also if you need to work! Indeed, numerous internet access points are distributed throughout the garden. You will also find places designed to make you comfortable. A must-see among the 15 things to do for free in Marrakech!

2- Observe the Jemaa el Fna Square at night

Every evening, Jemma el Fna square comes alive: food stalls, music in every corner, artists of all kinds, and much more! It’s a festival for the senses every evening. Although the crowds may seem overwhelming, it is also (and above all) a spectacle that is definitely worth seeing and experiencing. Downstairs you can walk and mingle freely with the crowd. But to really see what’s happening, the trick is to go higher.

There are various cafes spread all around the square that you can access for the price of a drink (just a few dirhams). Strolling around Jemaa el Fna Square is one of the best free activities to do in Marrakech… But also the most exciting!

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3- Admire the artisans in the souks

We’re repeating ourselves but don’t hesitate to get lost in the souks, that’s where you’ll meet the best people! As you delve deeper into this maze of alleys, you will end up discovering the workshops hidden behind the shops in the souks. Shoemakers, sculptors, jewelers and even blacksmiths, it’s a truly free spectacle that awaits you in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech.

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Don’t be shy and start a conversation, they are truly passionate people who love to talk about their art! Our little tip: go to Souk Semmarine, one of the main arteries of the souks of Marrakech and explore the parallel (and perpendicular) streets!

4- Watch a sunset on the roof of your riad

Marrakech has the best rooftops in the world (no exaggeration). If you are staying in a riad or hostel in the medina, there is a good chance that there will also be a furnished roof terrace. The good news is that it’s completely free! Whether you go for the sunrise with the call to prayer, for an afternoon sunbathe, or for a blazing evening sunset, it’s a great thing to do in Marrakech, and it won’t cost you a cent.

5- Swim under the Marrakech sun

This activity requires a bit of organization in advance, from the moment you book your stay in fact. We assure you, it’s worth it once you’re there. Many riads have pretty pools in their patios, hotels have very large swimming pools, and some hostels even have swimming options. If you are staying in Marrakech during the warm months, the swimming pool option is an excellent choice, if not downright essential. A free activity that you can practice every day of your vacation!

Psst! You don’t have a swimming pool in your accommodation or do you want to try a refreshing new place? Discover our selection of the most beautiful places to spend a pool day, whether you are looking for entertainment, tranquility or luxury!

6- Discover the small Rahba Kedima square

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then you will love visiting Rahba Kedima Square, a completely free thing in Marrakech. The apothecary shops offer a Diagon Alley feel to the neighborhood! Here you can get just about anything and everything that might involve magic or witchcraft. Roots of all kinds, dried lizards, potions with multiple (and surely unpredictable!) effects, alligator skin, beak fragments and other unidentified artifacts. You are here for a free tour of Marrakech, so it will be wiser not to buy anything (not for your wallet, but above all for your physical integrity!). Put on your cape and grab your book of magical recipes, we’re flying to Rahbah Kedima on a Nimbus 2000!

7- Picnic at the Menara Gardens

Whatever happens, you will have to feed yourself well, so why not make an experience of it? Go buy Moroccan bread, also called batbout, and something to garnish and accompany them. Don’t forget the local pastries, they will be the icing on the cake of your great picnic! Baklawa, gazelle horn, ghoriba, etc… Make a jumble so you can taste everything! Borrow a blanket from your hotel or riad, take your basket under your arm, and off we go to the Menara Gardens!

A true oasis of greenery in the heart of the bustling red city, the Menara Gardens are located in the Hivernage district. In the middle of the garden and olive groves, you can walk along the pond. It is used to irrigate crops and gardens. If you have a few dirhams in your pocket, you can visit the Saadian pavilion. Located opposite the body of water, it was the sultan’s summer pavilion in the 16th century.

We absolutely recommend this day break if you are staying a week or more in Marrakech. The Menara gardens are one of the things to do for free in Marrakech and the picnic will be an opportunity to mingle with the locals. If you have children, they will quickly make friends in Marrakech around the pond! The calm and serenity of the place will recharge your batteries before continuing your adventures in the red city!

8- Go on a treasure hunt in the streets of Marrakech

This isn’t just a kids’ game, trust us, it’s a really fun way to explore a new place! Experience your own Beijing Express on the streets of Marrakech, with your own rules. Make a list of things everyone needs to find in advance and set ground rules (e.g. do you have to collect them or just take pictures?). This is one of the most fun free activities to do in Marrakech! Give yourself a timing, a benchmark to meet at the end of the race, and may the best person win!

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9- Walk on the ramparts of the Red City

All around the Medina districts of Marrakech, there are giant walls. They were built in the 12th century by the Almoravid dynasty to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Now they have a wonderful walk all around the city! The total length of the walls is approximately 20 km long. They measure more than 9 meters high and 2 meters thick. You can walk (or run) the entire length of the walls or just take a section. Access to them is completely free, a great way to explore Marrakech for free… and without getting lost!

10- Explore the Bab el Khemis market

Every Thursday there is a large flea market at this town gate. But did you know that there is actually a market here every day? You won’t find as many stands and activities as on Thursday, but Bab el Khemis can be visited for free any day of the week. You will of course find things that are not worth much. But you can also choose from truly unique treasures and antiques! This is one of the things to do for free in Marrakech, which only remains free if you decide not to buy anything… So, are you going to go for it?

11- Visit one of the many art galleries

There are many art galleries and museums in Marrakech. Some have a small entry fee, others are completely free. If you are an art enthusiast, you can plan your visit to one of these great cultural institutions. There are also regular artistic events in Marrakech. Combine a park tour and an art tour when you stop at the Jardin des Arts. This is a small garden with sculpture installations. Just outside the old walls of Marrakech, it is a stone’s throw from the Cyber ​​Garden.

12- Do your own photo shoot

Everywhere you go in Marrakech, there is something to photograph! So why not put yourself in the photo too? Although you can hire a photographer, this activity is not really accessible to small budgets. So, improvise as a photographer! Grab your camera and take turns organizing your own photo shoot in the Red City for free. We advise you to favor morning or evening light, absolutely flamboyant in Marrakech! You can find pretty places in the Medina, in the souks, but also in the gardens. The red city is very Instagrammable, you will quickly realize it! 15 things to do for free in Marrakech

13- Draw the districts of Marrakech

Tap into your creative side and spend some time writing or drawing. This is a completely free activity that allows you to observe what is happening around you and soak up the city. Opt for a skyline view, sit in a park or spend time in a cafe. If you don’t like art, you can always bring a good book to read while you relax. 15 things to do for free in Marrakech

14- Discover street art in Guéliz or in the Medina

You might be surprised to discover that there is quite a bit of street art in Marrakech. You will find them in many neighborhoods inside and outside the medina. Some of the creations are huge, frescoes covering an entire wall, while others are quite small and well hidden. Going to discover street art in Marrakech could also be a theme for your treasure hunt… How many can you find?

15- Admire the art deco buildings of Gueliz

While most travelers focus their time on exploring the medina, you can also go to Gueliz for a different experience: a very modern city center with all the essential shops of a big city. You will also come across art deco buildings and quirky shops. You can of course go window shopping or simply spend time wandering around and being surprised by this so-called new neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to visit the bakeries, there are some very good ones in the Guéliz district! 15 things to do for free in Marrakech

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